Q: What do you do to stay relaxed when performing illusions and get rid of shaky hands?


A: Is kind of an odd question to me because my response would be the opposite of what an average illusionist would expect to hear. The way I personally get rid of nerves (shaky hands) is by caring less about keeping the secret. Caring more for the person and having a good time with them is what matters to me, not the secret; this is what gives me confidence.


Yes, I used to be a really nervous person when doing tricks in my early years and it was because I don’t want to tell people how I did it. Ever since I start explaining tricks, I have been more steady and confident than ever now because I personally challenge people to figure things out since I am always willing to tell people how it works, since then, I couldn't care less for keeping a secret which by deduction give me confidence.


That doesn't mean I always tell people how I did it because not everybody wants to know, but my willingness to tell and share is what it gives me trust and confidence. So I don't care if a trick works or not, I just do it and it usually ends up working well, but when it doesn't work well, I just laugh, make a joke or have a premeditated dialogue; I just don't make a big deal out of it because I don’t mind to be honest.


Obviously, everybody is different and this still may not work for everybody, but it does to me.