I: You don’t necessarily need to share all your secrets; for example, you don’t share your PIN code!

A: Privacy is something you don’t flourish out loud to people, privacy is something you keep it to yourself, magic tricks is the opposite of that, in magic you go out and show it off. Besides that, owning a PIN number doesn’t deceive anybody, a magic trick does.


Not watching a magic trick is one thing, going out and deceiving is a different thing.


Not everybody may know how a cell phone is made, but at least they can break it down and try to figure it out, and if they find out and want to explain it to the public how does it works, they are free to do so.


When trying to match the taste of a food or drink secret recipe, these are the type of things doesn’t deceive consumers by not knowing the secret behind, in a magic trick is different because is trying to play with the supernatural rather than what is natural. The problem may not be the fact that “magicians” play with natural elements making it looks supernatural, the problem is when the audience actually believe is supernatural when in reality is just natural and magicians get away with it.