I: You cannot reveal marketed effects!


A: Magic secrets are based on ideas and facts, therefore, are not protected by Law, you can only protect them through trade secrets (signature contract), but not through copyright. That's why magic is a public domain that as long as you are the one producing and creating your own video, you can share, teach, and reveal to anyone in any way regardless if the material is copyrighted or patented.


If the machine of a trick is patented, then the secret itself cannot be patented since the patent itself becomes public. Patenting a trick can be counterproductive for magic creators due to its nature to the public domain.


You can protect pantomime actions or a scripted presentation that contains enough flesh on the bones, but that still not protecting the trick per se, just the presentation of it.


When someone works for a magician, they usually will have a contract for the employees agreeing not to reveal their secrets by which penalties and consequences will be stipulated in it, that is effective only if it is a signature contract (trade secret), and will not be effective for viewers who are able to discern the method, because viewers never sign a contract.


Is important that if you have plans or any further question on this matter, see a copyright attorney. This is just my non-legal personal advice from my personal attorney on my specific needs that may not work for you or for your personal needs.