Q: What's the point to explain expensive big illusions that most people wouldn't be able to perform or wouldn't perform anyway?


A: Actually, I don't explain tricks for persuading purposes but for an educational one. We are living in a time with so many false "realities", all the way up to the point that so many people start believing the lies. I obviously believe in a supernatural from a secular perspective, but people no longer understand what is a trick and what is a miracle, or when a person pretends to do miracles that are only tricks.


Ignorance came all the way up to the point where I personally watched (in a Hispanic news) a president asking a famous magician if he can use his magical powers to end up the war; (I am not sure about the year, but I think this news was aired back in the 90's), I can't remember which president he was nor the country that he resides, but this popular magician (I won't say his name) responded through the media (days later) & answered that he can't do it since he is just an entertainer. I mean, at least the magician was honest (well, he obviously was because he obviously had no other choice) but many people not only don't hear this kind of statement oftentimes but those who do, believe magicians said it just to get away with it.


I mean, no wonder why some people believe Jesus Christ was just a magician ignoring all the facts surrounding a performance like walking on water. For example when someone walks on water, the magician needs a whole team of people behind, and when you perform an illusion like that down deep on the open sea, you can't do it for real people; far from it to do it on the open sea with heavy waves in the middle of an storm, will be impossible for people not to see the secret and still believing in you.


Besides that, plexiglass is a new concept that didn't exist 2000 years ago, and even if it did, is impossible to use it on the open sea due to heavy waves and water pressure. Even if you try using a little submarine (or a personal submarine) to hold you up to the edge (depending on how deep into the ocean you want to go). Technology like that didn't even exist back then; and yet most people just look at the performance ignoring the whole process and scenario behind of what it really is a miracle and what it is just a trick.


You can read more about Jesus walking on water in (Matthew 14:22-33), (Mark 6:45-52), (John 6:16-21).


Also, is not necessary for people to perform the illusion that I explained, but just the fact to know something or understanding it, it will give you a better ability to tell real from fake.


There are priorities in life and my priorities are for things that last, and faith and reason are one of them and priceless.


Doesn’t matter what denomination you are (Theist, Atheist, Agnostic, etc.), you will always rely on beliefs to explain many of the issues of the reality we are living in. The huge difference is the reason and logic you'll find only in the word and the person of Jesus Christ. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dig and study His marvel creation; for the wisdom of God is the beauty of life (Proverbs 2:10-11), (Job 28:28), (Proverbs 1:5), (Luke 2:40), (James 1:5), etc.


Life will always take you with the combination of faith and reason, God has put enough in this world to make faith in Him the most reasonable thing. He left enough out to make it impossible to live by sheer reason alone. God is giving us the rationality and the arguments to believe in Him and why we should follow Jesus Christ as our Mentor.