Q: Why don't you wear a mask while revealing tricks, like others do?

A: If magicians do not wear one when deceiving the audience, why should I wear one when I educate them? The haters are going to hate whatever your business, hobby or craft is. So my concern can't be for 100% of the audience (even if I wish). If some people hate it, they are not forced to watch it; let others who want to watch and learn, to watch and learn.


Everyone has different intentions, maybe others wear masks just to spoil the magicians as a whole, maybe they want to look smart, etc. (I do not know). My intentions are to educate and bring people closer to what is the Truth and reasoning.


People are hungry for answers and Truth. If the magicians have the courage to show their face for what they do (misdirecting and deceiving the audience), with more reasons I will show mine for what I do (educating the audience); even if we both do it for entertainment purposes.