I: Revealing magic tricks is unethical!

A: If morality is subjective, then there is no such thing as right and wrong, is all a matter of personal opinions.


What is your basis for ethics (society, Hitler, the president)? Are morals and ethics relatives or absolutes? For most people, morals and ethics are just relative since everyone wants to do whatever they want to (this is why the world is waning down); without an absolute moral basis, there is not even a point of reference of condemning one over against the other (since is all relative according to the individual); because by not knowing God, you are in bondage to your own emotions and you ultimately don't know what's the purpose of life.


Some people try to make reference to the "pillars of morality" as an absolute moral basis without realizing the "pillars" were based on subjective opinions.


On the other hand, living by the absolute moral and ethical basis is living on the basis of God who had fashion us for the sake of life, love, and happiness. God wants you to have this in mind; humility, spirituality, and faith, those are the three glories giving to us in Deuteronomy chapter 8, to humble yourself before God and to know that your spiritual life is the life that needs fixing, not you moral life; morality is a symptom, the lack of spirituality it is the cause; but faith, it is not faith in nonsense, it is the trust in the God who has been proving Himself, in time, through time, through His revealed word, propositional truth, that the word of God abides forever.


But if you want to go there, I think is more unethical to hangup a person who is asking you the way you did it and not telling them, than telling them. Why? Because humility is better than selfishness.