Q: How is it that you get away with revealing tricks from magic dealers and others will get their accounts shut down for doing the same as you?


A: They remove YouTube videos because they can and not because they know, they can abuse the YouTube system since YouTube doesn't ask for legal documentation from attorneys to remove people's videos. Not everybody (including dealers) have legal copyright advice for every nitpicking issue, and since users don’t know about copyrights either, they get scared to do a counterclaim, they think because their video is removed, dealers must be right (which sometimes they are and other times they aren't).


From my personal experience, I am not surprised some magic dealers are not well aware of how copyright fully works. Several magic dealers don't have advice from an attorney (in part because attorneys are too expensive or because they wait until they really feel the need to get one) and they end up taking down other people’s videos without realizing that magic dealers had just committed perjury for claiming a video that doesn’t belong to them, which is a serious penalty under the law. I do have legal advice, so I know what I am dealing with, and I always warn them that if we take this to the court, they will be sued for perjury which my videos end up getting restored anyway and YouTube will remove their privilege from keep doing copyright claims in the future.


Is important that if you have plans or any further question on this matter, see a copyright attorney. This is just my non-legal personal advice from my personal attorney on my specific needs that may not work for you or for your personal needs.