I: Delete your video, it isn't your material, they had spent a lot of time creating them!

A: Is my own production value, so it is my material since I am the one who made that video, so I also spent a lot of time creating my videos.


If your concern is the copy of the ideas I am sharing, are you also saying that products who copied “Coca-Cola” or those tomatoes sauces who copied “Ketchup”, electronics, medicine (among thousands of other copy products) should be removed from the market just because they are copied products (competition)? In other words, should competition be removed from the market?


Be happy I give credits when I know its origin because most competitors don’t do it. Even worst, because in some cases, competitors even bash the source of their ideas (like Pepsi bashing Coca-Cola) and average consumers couldn’t care less.


You may say that some products taste different or use a different recipe, in some cases, they may taste different for some people but not for everybody, so, for some people, it served the same purpose even if for you taste different, and you never know the secret recipe since is secret and they usually are protected under trade secret. And most products taste exactly the same, almost impossible to tell the difference, and since the secret recipe is secret, most will never know for sure.


In case of electronics, for example, Android copied the iPhone, you may say they use a different program or internal components, but to the consumer, it serves the same purpose, related functions, similar layout & external design, etc. From the technical point of view they are different (not in every part), but from the general consumer, they are the same because they serve the same purpose to them. They share same ideas, and in many cases, the same coding.


At the end of the day, is consumers’ decision to decide which product they consumed, not the marketed ones. If original products close because of competition, then blame consumers, not competition.


Generally speaking, if you support competition by not purchasing the original products (whether is for taste, quality or price issues) and come here to complain about my videos (because it simulates or resembles somebody else's ideas too), then by definition that makes you a hypocrite, because you are guilty of the same issues you are complaining and still supporting.