Q: Do some magicians really have divine or demonic powers?


A: Of course not and for several reasons, that is, they will need to have an absolute control over God or the demons for their personal gain at their own whim, and that is empirically impossible. You can’t control God nor the demons for any reason, much less for entertainment purposes, what kind of demon will entertain people for somebody else's gain? Demons are known for terrorizing people physically and mentally, not for entertaining them!


If your sources for God or demons are movies and comic books, then you need to stay away from them (when it comes to the historical material) and realize that they provide entertainment value, not historical value.


If you don’t know about spirits, I would suggest reading from Him who is Spirit Himself (Jesus Christ). Because He is the only one that proved to be who He claimed to be, and is the only source that comes from eyewitnesses accounts, all other religions and worldviews are just personal ideas based on Men’s perception.