I: All gods are the same. Is silly if Christians think they are the only ones heaving the reason. God goes beyond any book! Love and be good is what matters!


A: No when it comes to a subjective value of love because not everybody has the same definition of it. Some people even fall in love with their rapist or with their captor (Stockholm Syndrome), so let's not go there. And not everybody will agree with your saying "love is all that matters". So there is not an absolute way to settle down a behavior in a subjective moral worldview, is just your opinion vs your opposition's opinion and nobody is right or wrong, is just personal preference.


If there is a God, however, then we follow our Creator as an absolute moral standard. But you may ask, why Christianity? Because Christianity is the only worldview that comes from eyewitnesses accounts, all other religions came from men's perception. Also, because Christianity is the only religion that can explain (base on their teachings) why there is chaos, death, and suffering. No other religion can explain that outside of original sin. For example:


1.- If God exists, why He doesn't speak to us in person (why His separation)? The answer is because of our original sin (Isaiah 59:2).


2.- If God is alive, why do we have to die? The answer is original sin (Romans 5:12)


3.- If God is perfect & His creation is good, why are we such a mess of human race? The answer is because of our original sin through our free will (Romans 3:11-12)


Original sin is not a deed you have done (Ezekiel 18:20), is a nature you have born with (Psalms 51:5). Original sin is only taught in Christianity and is the only way to make sense out of this reality we are living.


Love creates and preserves, hate kills and destroys, and the only way to claim a God of love is through Jesus Christ.

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