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I don't define myself as a magician, nor I even want to.
I don't want to go and make a fool out of someone
and pretend I am something that I am actually not
and then make a living out of it and yet, not allowing
people to speak the truth behind? This sounds not
too far away from what a selfish person is.

Magic business is not just about entertainment, but
also for oneself, ego and building reputation more than
the community, in the other hand, explaining tricks is
not only for oneself but for the community as well.

From a Theological perspective, magicians fooled the
Egyptian pharaoh so he don't let the Israel people go
(in the time of Moses as it is described in the Torah), and
ignorance and lack of reasoning was part of the problem.
Magician nowadays dare to call tricks as miracles as if
they really were and most of them really mean it.
I am getting tire of secrecy and I am not going to play
the magicians "ethics" game because they had broken
the real meaning of ethics in the first place.
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