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Q: What's the point to explain expensive big illusions
that most people wouldn't be able to perform or wouldn't
perform anyway?

A: First and foremost, we are living in a time with so many
false realities, all the way up to the point that so many
people start believing the lies. I obviously believe in a
supernatural from a naturalistic perspective, but people
no longer understands what is a trick and what is a
miracle...or when a false person pretend to do miracles
that are only tricks. Nevertheless I would not believe in
someone that is pretending to do miracles with the
purpose to be famous or popular with money income in
mind or some kind of materialistic goal.

Ignorance came all the way up to the point where I
personally watch (in a Hispanic news) a president  asking
a famous magician if he can use his magical powers to end
up with the war...
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