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I: When you buy a video tutorial, it says that it is a
copyrighted material! 

A: Your concern is just about the Video and Audiovisual
content from the actual video tutorial and not regarding
a simple magic performance neither the secret of the video
content. Copyrights don't protect ideas, only the
authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression

Q: Why do you expose magic tricks?

A: Well, I happen to know people with stress problems,
AIDS deceases and people with bad habits that found in
magic the relieve medicine for their problems.
Also creating Illusions or techniques for a trick can
increase peoples intelligence and/or skills
(like some very few videogames does), it is
a good mental exercise, also an art that can keep
people busy and away from problems and/or bad habits.
Everything can be a good or bad weapon anyway
(not just magic).
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